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Nascarpets Blinds PictureFireplaces and braais are South Africa’s must haves in your home. Cosy fireplaces complement your homes adding style and character.

Braais are no longer just an entertainers dream but a requisite for bringing friends and family no matter what the season.

Our full range of fireplaces; heaters and home braais (both gas and solid fuel) will offer luxury and variety to your home.

We stock Syam, Weber, Megamaster, Chad-o-chef, Chad-o-glo and Heatwave braais and fireplaces.



Syam flueless fireplaces allow you to create your own style while giving your home warmth and ambience. Building costs are substantially reduced as no chimney is required. Our fireboxes and gas grates are constructed of stainless steel. Syam Fireplaces can be completed with a fera or vertex facia, in stainless steel or powder coated to compliment your individual decor. Our almost 100% heat efficient fires are clean burning, energy and environmentally friendly. Safety is of utmost importance, all our fireplaces are fitted with flame failure capabilities and an oxygen depletion sensor.
Units can be connected to an existing or new gas installation, certified by a QCC gas installer.

Syam mobile gas Braais/BBQs are constructed from premium 304 stainless steel and quality is the focal point. Our units are fitted with high strength casters to ensure ease of mobility for complete outdoor living. All units are sold complete with a back burner fitted with flame failure capabilities, double layered cooker dome and rotisserie kit. Various side cooker options are available on most of our units. Parties can be instantly created and just about anything can be barbecued, braaied, baked, grilled, roasted, rotisseried, boiled, potjied, stir fried. Even pizza and pasta. Anything your cooking imagination can extend to.



When George Stephen, founder of Weber-Stephen Products Co., designed his kettle-shaped barbeque grill in 1951, he sparked a backyard revolution. Tired of complaining about flat, open grills that exposed his food to wind, ashes and charring fire-ups, he decided to put a lid on it — literally. At the time, George worked at Weber Brothers Metal Works outside Chicago, welding large metal spheres together to make buoys. It was in these very spheres that his idea took shape. He knew a rounded cooking bowl with a lid was the key to success. He added three legs on the bottom, a handle on the top and took the oddity home.
George’s “folly” was in such hot demand that he could not make them fast enough. The popular kettle shape quickly became an American icon for food and fun. In 1985, Weber began producing the highly rated Genesis Gas Grill. Suddenly consumers could enjoy the convenience of gas grilling without sacrificing quality or flavour.
Today, every Weber grill comes equipped with a legacy of caring. Call us perfectionists, but we are dedicated to building the best grill you can buy. That’s because we know when you have friends and family around the grill, the last thing you want to contend with is inferior construction or burned food. So we do our homework, designing products that will not let you down.
Weber grills are among the most durable products ever sold. We produce a range of grills that are easy to assemble, last for years and deliver exceptional results….every time.



Life is where you live it. At home… indoors or outside… in your own back yard or on an adventure to discover new and exciting places. Megamaster is your lifestyle partner, and through our range of braais, fireplaces, outdoor accessories, we aim to enhance that lifestyle.
We produce products that help to promote a healthier, more pleasant, more enjoyable and more efficient way of living. Megamaster's mission is to develop even better products and services and to provide ever better answers to the needs of our customers and other stakeholders.
Megamaster is a lifestyle Brand which plays a vital role in creating and supplying innovative products that help to improve our lives.



Chad-O-Chef was established in 1983. Over the years the product was perfected through research and development inspired by being sensitive to customer’s needs. We have a strict code of ethics based on honesty, in dealing with customers and suppliers, who have helped us to achieve a firm foothold in the market.
We are proud to supply a quality product with a full guarantee and a comprehensive spares backup. We also offer you to have your braai in both LP Gas and Natural Gas options.
Join the thousands who have already discovered the magic of Chad-O-Chef. Home cooking will never be the same!



The "VENT-FREE" fireplace craze hit South African soil a few years ago, which led to the birth of the Chad-O-Glo range, adding another dimension to the Chad-O-Chef factory. The reason for this craze in the fireplace industry at present is due to the many advantages it has over normal gas vented fireplaces.
Chad-O-Glo uses the latest technology in our fireplaces that gives you optimal heat output, no gas odours and very effective gas consumption. No chimney or extraction is required because this vent-free fireplace gives you all the heat you need, with no smoke.
The Creator of the Chad-O-Glo range wanted to bring functionality and beauty together in his design- and he achieved it. A fully working fireplace can now also be a show piece in your home, especially with the warm ambience it creates

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Have you got a fireplace or braai in your home? Fireplaces add comfort and character to your home, while high-quality braais bring warmth and vitality to entertainment areas throughout the seasons. Heatwave’s top-of-the-range fireplaces and braais are a valuable addition to any home, creating a comfortable environment for guests and enhancing your lifestyle and leisure time.
Thanks to Heatwave, installing a fireplace or braai in your home has never been simpler or more affordable. Heatwave brings you the widest range of multi fuel burning fireplaces and braais on the South African market, including:
• Traditional fireplaces and built-in units
• Freestanding and glass fireplaces
• Vented gas fireplaces and flue-less gas fireplaces
• Cast-iron fireplaces
• Bogen closed system combustion fireplaces
• Built-in and freestanding braais
• Portable braais

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