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home appliances pictureOur home appliances range offers trendy, sophisticated and stylish gas and electrical appliances – making living elegant and simpler.

So no matter what brand, colour, shape or size…we’ve got the look to suit your style.

We stock SMEG, Whirlpool, Defy, Bosch, Siemens, AEG, Miele, Le Germania, Elba and, Eurogas appliances.



SMEG: Thechnology with style

Style, for Smeg, is a distinct concept: The way a product communicates with its surroundings and enables users to interact with it. Attention to detail and design solutions bring homes that reflect the image of their occupants to life. We offer a three year guarantee across the full range for your piece of mind.



For nearly 100 years, the Whirlpool brand has helped people all over the world find better ways to take care of household tasks. We want our customers to live cleaner, more organized, less busy and more flavourful lives through our appliances. So every Whirlpool® product is born of our decades of experience creating incredibly useful features.
We´re always excited about our newest and best laundry and kitchen appliances. We want you to have that same feeling of delighted optimism when you browse, shop and buy Whirlpool® products.
6th Sense™ technology : Today, Whirlpool is proud to offer 6th Sense® Technology in many of our best appliances. Whether you’re buying a washer, refrigerator, range or dishwasher, our advanced sensor technology monitors what’s happening inside and adjusts accordingly to give you great results every time. With 6th Sense® Technology, you can manage aspects of cooking, cleaning and other tasks that were once beyond your control. And you can be confident that our appliances are giving you their best performance.


DEFY: Manufacturer of quality appliances "You can rely on Defy"

Defy Appliances (Pty) Ltd is Southern Africa's largest manufacturer and distributor of major domestic appliances. Defy offers the consumer a full range of kitchen and laundry appliances. Defy has the strongest appliance brand positioning in Southern Africa, with the slogan 'You can rely on Defy' associated very strongly with consistent product quality and meaningful product innovation.
The company supports its brand position further through its own sales, warehousing, and distribution and after sales service functions

Miele Logo


In 1982 Miele (Pty) Ltd opened its doors in South Africa offering a gallery of fine living. With the demand for the finer things in life increasing and the need for customers to be able to experience the fantastic attributes of the Miele range of appliances, Miele has a range of galleries designed in such a way to welcome customers to come and experience all the Miele appliances in an interactive manor. Not only are they showcased in an upmarket designer fashion, they are set out in a way in which they can be used to display all the features that each appliance has to offer.



Euro Appliances bring European quality into your kitchen backed by Euro's associate manufacturers in northern Italy who have been producing premium cooking products for over 50 years. The Euro Appliances team has conducted extensive research over the past 12 months working with our network of nationwide retail partners and we are proud to deliver the latest range of quality European cooking appliances using the latest design features and innovative technology. Euro caters for all your kitchen essentials. Euro has the latest design of inbuilt ovens, cooktops, rangehoods, microwaves and freestanding ovens to best suit your needs.

La Germania


La Germania products are designed for people who demand the best in their appliances. From our wide range of kitchen products, La Germania appliances are designed for the extreme demands of household use and meticulously engineered with rugged and lasting construction.
Every La Germania product exudes quality and integrity which reflects our singular dedication to performance that distinguishes them from other competing brands. Because they only receive the utmost attention to detail ensuring the highest level of performance and understated elegance.
That's why you don't settle for anything less.


BOSCH: Invented for Life

Bosch Fridges and Freezers are engineered to keep food fresh and drinks cold. These high quality cooling appliances have a variety of food preservation features but are also easy on the eye.
International cooking at the touch of a button: Cooking is not just about the end result. It is an experience and our engineers set out to develop a technology that lets you cook international cuisine and experience a world class culinary adventure
Dishwashing programmes that make your dishes sparkle: A range of different programme options ensure that the wash and rinse cycles are suited to the type and amount of dishes in the dishwasher. The programmes consist of an Intensive Zone for heavily soiled pots and pans as well as a half load option that reduces the programme time and uses 30% less water.
Washing is as easy as 1, 2, 3...: We have designed a variety of programmes to assist with your washing. Garments are all different but with different programmes and features, your washing will be a breeze. Depending on the model of the Bosch washing machine, the programmes available range from cottons, easy care, delicates/silk and wool to name a few.


SIEMENS HOME APPLIANCES: Welcome to Innovation and Style

Green technology is the Siemens roadmap for sustainability, efficiency and transparency, especially when it comes to using resources and energy. At Siemens our aim is to be guided by this principle to achieve ground-breaking technology and top efficiency, paired with extremely low consumption rates in energy water and all natural resources. It is this often-illusive search for true quality and style that leads us to something special. The Siemens 3 Year Guarantee is truly something Special. The name Siemens epitomizes true quality and guarantees that you can move into the future with style and confidence.

AEG Logo


Ever since its foundation in 1887, AEG has pioneered advanced electrical engineering, being synonymous with German engineering, design and precision.
AEG stands for excellence in performance and German engineering, which is why each product or service is created and developed to be “Perfect in Form and Function”.
The AEG brand offers a full range of products that continue the proud history of the brand. A track record which started with electric light bulbs evolved over the years to include everything from cars, trains, power tools and electric machines to instruments, nuclear power, motors, microelectronics and more. The brand is as attractive and relevant today as it was over 120 years ago.



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